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George in the Old ShopFrom our beginnings of handcrafted wooden boats to the latest technology of today, our dedication to quality and customer satisfaction remains.

It is our belief that in order to do something well, you must believe in your products, focus on keeping things simple, and make customer satisfaction paramount.

These are the things George Harris believed in when he began our business in 1947. Starting out building custom made cedar strip boats and canoes, George was able to build a great reputation for high quality craftsmanship and lasting relationships with his customers. You can read more about George Harris here.

About Us

Since those early days we always knew that our customer service would be our primary goal needed to achieve long-term success. From our highly experienced staff to our loyal customers, we've forged many friendships along the way. As time has passed, we like to think of ourselves as being able to offer old fashioned service in a high tech world.

About Us